So to speak, your young pup is now officially out of his nappy stage. But he’s still pooping. It’s a dog’s life and the youngish feller just can’t help himself. As they say, it’s dog’s life. And boy, he sure is growing up fast. Apart from the shaggy hair and sharp teeth, there’s two pairs of paws that have grown pretty sharply too. Speaking of which, his claws seem to have gotten longer and longer. This is why one of the most important grooming tools you will need to take good care of your good pal is a good pair of dog nail clippers.

Now, before you go right on to purchase your first pair of dog nail clippers online, here’s a few factors you need to take into account. First of all, take into account the kind of life your dog is leading. You’ll also need to consider his current nutritional habits or standards. And there’s this, it’s quite important really. It’s the kind of surface your dog walks on. As far as the dog’s life goes, hopefully your little dawg is getting plenty of sunshine. And hopefully his getting to spend plenty of time on his paws. Hopefully, it’s soft, grassy turf his tromping over most of the time because tar and concrete is going to give this boy hassles once he grows older.

Now, this little feller shouldn’t be overdoing it too much. Thankfully, it’s quite natural for dogs to spend quite a considerable amount of time snoozing. This is part of the dog’s life. As far as nutritional requirements go, a good balance of minerals and vitamins is going to ensure that the dog’s nails will grow pretty strong and thick. This is going to be a determining factor on what type of nail clippers you eventually buy. Forget about the pebbles and biscuits, dogs are crying out for natural, healthy fresh food.

dog nail clippers

And while they’re famous for being meat lovers, just watch your dog lap up his veggies too. When you take your boy out for his regular walks (you are doing this, right) try and get to spend a bit more time in the parks where there’s plenty of soft turf for him to roam across. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to take the poop scooper along with you.